Monzter Drumz

Monzter Drumz sample library were produced with ease of use and awesome sound in mind, straight out of the box. Drums recorded and mixed at Panic-Room Studios in Sweden by master producer “Plec” behind the board.



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Monzter Drumz sample library were produced with ease of use and awesome sound in mind, straight out of the box. Drums recorded and mixed at Panic-Room Studios in Sweden by master producer “Plec” behind the board.

This is a small boutique set of samples from “Plec’s” private stash that tend to cover a large area of metal and hard rock tones, from slow to extremely fast styles. All samples have been made to fit in straight away with heavy guitar and bass tones so very little additional tweaking would be needed in the final mix.

Monzter Drumz features KICKS, SNARES, TOMS and CYMBALS and work together with your favorite sample player as well as with the very popular drumreplacer plug-in Drumagog, to get you going with fast and easy replacement or enhancement of already recorded drums.

For Cubase users we have thrown in a couple of bonuses, like a custom drum map to make navigation around the kit very easy, and also a Cubase Track Archive that works with Cubase 4 and 5+ that lets you import a prepared setup of Drumagog inserted audio channels and MIDI channels all routed and ready to go into any session you might be working on.

Drums used in the Monzter Drumz sample library:

Mapex Orion 22″
Sonor Delite 22″ (two versions w. different processing)

Mapex Black Panther Brass Snare
Sonor Delite Maple Snare

Mapex Orion 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″

16″ and 18″ Sabian and Zildjian chinas, crashes and splashes.
Zildjian K Custom Dark Hats 14″
Zildjian K Custom Ride
Zildjian Ping Ride

Cymbal Chokes
Cymbal Rolls
Closed, Semi Open, Open Hats
Edge and Bell Rides

Drums were sampled using close and overhead mics. Artificially produced ambiance is also provided.

Monzter Drumz contains:

  • 665 24-bit mono/stereo WAV files
  • 3 programs for NI Kontakt 1+
  • 3 programs for HALion
  • 3 programs for SoundFont
  • 9 Drumagog files & 111 related WAV files

The total size of the library compressed is 309 MB.
All formats are included when you buy Monzter Drumz

This library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player!

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Download PDF manual

Download the manual in PDF format here!

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